3-5 Preschool Enhanced Daycare Schedule

7:00 Centre Opens

  • Activities set up for the children (Art, playdough, educational games, water play, sand play, light play)
  • Construction toys, books, letter and number recognition, sorting and sequencing.
  • 9:00 Clean up time
  • 9:15 Circle Time (collaborate and document)
  • 9:45 Bathroom/Wash hands (bathroom used as needed as well)
  • 10:00 Morning Snack (provided)
  • 10:30 Outside Time
  • 11:30 Bathroom/Wash hands (times may vary)
  • 2:00 Lunch Time
  • 12:30 Nap time for nappers and rest time for non nappers
  • 1:00 Rest timers up (work on Letterland Phonics Program and table top activities)
  • 2:30 Nappers awake (times may vary)
  • (table top activities, Letterland phonics program, books, clay construction, etc..)
  • 3:00 Clean up
  • 3:15 Bathroom/Wash hands (bathroom used as needed as well)
  • 3:30 Afternoon Snack (provided)
  • 3:55 Outside Play (times may vary)
  • 5:00 Inside Play (Activities set up, sensory, patterns, educational games, discovery…)

6:00 Centre closes

As Little Willows is a Reggio Emilia inspired childcare centre, the teachers will be constant listening and observing the children in play. This is not done just for the safety of the children, which we realize is of up most importance. However, this observation is to discover what interests the children. This knowledge guides the teachers to plan the curriculum accordingly. As we are not ‘theme based’ and have an emergent curriculum this is an important part of our program. At Little Willows we do not see children as ’empty vessels’ waiting for us to fill them with knowledge, we see them as very capable and want to provide an environment that stimulates their natural curiosity and creativity. This schedule is a guideline as to what our days may look like, the documentation that is hanging up at our centre is a much better way to see what we are doing and learning!

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    hi i am looking for just preschool as we don’t need daycare…
    can you please give me a call at 604-999-1602

    thank you breanne


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