Silver Valley

Bright beautiful classrooms situated in the heart of Silver Valley

Address:13730 232nd Street Maple Ridge
Phone: (604) 380-4000
Director: Natsumi Iwashita
Hours of Operation: 7:00am-5:30pm



Our Preschool program runs 9:00am-1:00pm Monday through Friday with part time options available. The children will explore the environment as the third teacher and be able to explore the full benefits of outdoor play including self regulation, problem solving, imagination, connecting with nature, socialization and many more. A great way for children to develop important developmental skills getting ready for kindergarten.
Children need vitamin “G”…. We will be in contact with green environments as it is needed in frequent regular doses to help the developing child.  A healthy human habitat is an essential component to children’s early development and you can’t beat our acres of land, forest and trails to explore!


 This program has its’ own nap room and follows every individual child’s routine. Our program has a  beautiful room that provides a natural setting for the busy and active infant and toddlers to explore and an on site playground made specifically to help the developmental stages of the infant and toddlers.


Our 3-5 Program is lined with huge windows overlooking the on site beautiful playground and acres of land this location provides. We have 24 spaces a day with 3 full time educators. We call this our “Full Day Enhanced Daycare” as we offer phonics, french, science and dance!


 Servicing Yennadon Elementary School

We have 18 spaces a day with 2 full time educators.

  Our summer program is full of many field trips and activities designed to get the children outside and exploring nature!

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