Stave Falls

Address: Located on the Stave Falls Elementary School Grounds
30204 Brackley Ave
Hours of Operation:
Phone: 604-462-1433
Emma Woodley



Our Infant program has 12 spaces a day with 3 full time educators. The room itself is large with natural light pouring in all day. This program has its’ own nap room and follows every individual child’s routine.

Our Toddler Program has 12 spaces a day with 3 full time educators. Our Toddler Program has a large room that provides a beautiful natural setting for the busy and active toddlers to explore! When we are not outside exploring, we can be seen in the large gymnasium chasing balls and riding cars, cannot get better then this!


Our 3-5 Program is lined with huge windows overlooking the on site beautiful playground and acres of land this location provides. We have 19 spaces a day with 3 full time educators. We call this our “Preschool Enhanced Daycare” as we offer phonics, french, science and dance! There is also a gymnasium on site for basketball, hockey or just to run around and enjoy company with friends.



 Servicing Stave Falls Elementary School

We are open year round only closing on stat holidays. Our summer program is full of many field trips and activities designed to get the children outside and exploring nature!

*Fees subject to increase for summer, spring break, winter break (full day classes)

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