Opening August 2019

Beautiful programs at Stave Falls Elementary School for children aged 0-12 years old, including 4 hour outdoor preschool.

We are very excited for our new large group childcare centre opening at Stave Falls Elementary School, 30204 Brackley Ave, Mission in August 2019!

This new Little Willows location will offer an Infant program, a Toddler program, a 3-5 Preschool Enhanced Daycare, an Outdoor Preschool and an Out of School Care Program.

Stave Falls is a beautiful location providing large bright classrooms and a large outdoor space surrounded by forest and an inside gymnasium! Each day the children will be looking out their windows into the forest and venture out to explore and create.

Contact deanna@littlewillows.ca to register!

Contact reaghan@littlewillows.ca to register today!