119th Ave
Phone:(604) 477-8771
Email: 119@littlewillows.ca
Director: Zeina Dirawi

Silver Valley
Phone: (604) 380-4000
Email: silvervalley@littlewillows.ca
Director: Natsumi Iwashita

34110 Lougheed Highway (Mission)
Phone: (604) 826-1118
Email: jody@littlewillows.ca
Director: Jody Bennett
Email: lougheed@littlewillows.ca
Assistant Director: Kaylin Moen, Kaliegh Beausoleil
Expansion phone: 604-410-1899
OSC/Preschool phone: 236-339-6190

7521 Briskham Ave (Mission)
Phone: (604) 820-7575
Email: sunshine@littlewillows.ca
Director: Amanda Lee

Stave Falls Elementary 
Phone: (604) 462-1433
Email: stavefalls@littlewillows.ca
Director: Emma Woodley

Dewdney & Cottonwood (Infant/toddler and 3-5)
Phone: (604) 463-4919
Email: dewdney-house@littlewillows.ca
Director: Sabrina Allain

Dewdney & Cottonwood (Preschool/OSC/3-5)
Phone 604-463-4882
Email: team@littlewillows.ca
Director: Nyx Murray

Dewdney & 227th Ave (Edge)
Phone: (604) 477-1100
Email: edge@littlewillows.ca
Director: Kellie Pay

Harry Hooge Elementary
Phone: (778) 245-8742
Email: harryhooge@littlewillows.ca
Director: Peachie Salonga

Alouette Elementary
Phone: (778) 245-8743
Email: alouette@littlewillows.ca
Director: Lisa Bennett

Webster’s Corners Elementary
Phone: (778) 245-8741
Email: websterscorner@littlewillows.ca
Director: Val Dmitrieff

Email: whonnock@littlewillows.ca
Director: Sam Heather

Myra Johnson (Director of Operations)
Phone: (778) 389-1619
Email: myra@littlewillows.ca

Deanna Zaharoff (Regional Manager) 
Phone: (778) 960-8997
Email: deannaz@littlewillows.ca

Alyssa Modugno (Assistant Regional Manager)
Phone: (604) 615-3119
Email: assistant@littlewillows.ca

Reaghan Gasparre (Owner)
Phone: (604) 787-7501
Email: reaghan@littlewillows.ca