What is Reggio Emilia?

The Reggio Emilia approach is an educational philosophy for preschool and primary education.

It is named for the region in Italy where it was originally formed by educator Loris Malaguzzi with the help of parents who live in the area.  He strove to show the importance of a strong relationship between educators and families and to the community at large.

This philosophy believes that all children have the right and ability to express their thinking, theories, ideas, learning and emotions in many different ways, or in other words, The Hundred Languages of Children. .  Reggio classrooms are designed to give the child the resources and freedom to discover, learn, and play for themselves.  We believe that all children need to be given opportunities to develop their potentials and that these opportunities come about when children have the freedom to move, touch, listen and observe.

The Reggio Emilia educational approach is always child directed and teacher supported.  Children are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas and we foster them in exploring their own interests.

Imaginative play, singing, dancing, painting, drawing and sculpture all form a part of  the free expression of children and must be fostered and nurtured.

Little Willows Preschool and our upcoming group daycare are all built around this philosophy and we believe that you and your children will cherish the experiences and memories that we will make together.

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